Friday, July 10, 2009

Toilets and Traffic

I really am lucky to have the opportunity to travel abroad for business- it has opened my eyes to how incredible other cultures are; not only are they unique, but completely different from my upbringing. AMAZING!!! With all the GREAT times I speak of my travels, there is also those “not so hot moments”…… Like everything, with every reward there is a sacrifice. I know, it totally sucks, but it’s true!!! You have to take the good with the bad. China DEFINITELY has its upsides and downsides.

(I hope this BLOG doesn’t get blocked/ vetooooed by the Chinese government…..Love you Mao!!!)

I always try to describe the craziness that is China… there are soo many people. Imagine FIVE times the amount of people in Los Angeles and New York City. It blows my mind to new heights. It’s like a sea of people coming and going- at every which direction at all times. Madness, shear MADNESS. It makes me realize just how vast and immense the Earth is.

Attached are some photos of the street CHAOS. I attached a video of the daily drive from my hotel to the factory… it is not the full 10 minutes, and not at the “height of rush hour, but you can see some of the goodies that I speak of…. Bicycles meshed with commuter buses, laced with pedestrian cars, combined with the daily foot traffic. People walking every which way…. It’s chaos!!!

Almost daily I witness someone being hit by a car or cyclist. I have even been struck by a Pedicab and Taxi!!!! The honking is soooo loud you can hear it from 20 stories above, with the windows closed. (I always have my IPod handy…) Many streets don’t have intersections or foot bridges, so you end up running across streets that compare to the 405 Freeway. It is VERY apparent that motorists have the right of way. I get soo frightened when I see Mothers running across the CHAOS with their infants….. which is beyond common (and disturbing). Words can’t describe it, really…Seriously, this makes me appreciate the SMALLEST things in my life, in Simple La La Land.

Another thing that is on my mind….. (no, not the food….. that is getting its own Blog page…) The TOILET situation… or rather the lack of them!!! Bummer… I was going to post a pic but I haven’t been in one recently…. I have mapped out all the actual American toilets in all of the country of China. This, I just don’t understand. For such a large country that prides it’s self on hygiene and cleanliness (they wear the surgical masks everywhere… probably invented them/ manufacture them…) China restrooms are the polar opposite! I guess for centuries now the Chinese have not evolved to the sitting position for the “Bano.” I sooo want this to change, but it probably won’t in my lifetime. Unless you are in an “international hotel” or a fancy restaurant, this “outlet” is the only option. I guess this is the norm… and people are accustomed to sqautting. I honestly think it is awful. I have had to be very “creative” during certain situations, and I find myself drinking fewer liquids in China. At times, I wish I were a Man, with Man parts; it would all be sooooo easy. It’s crazy- I really appreciate my bathroom, toilet and never in my wildest dreams thought I’d say that! It is difficult enough being away from home…… stepping outside your comfort unknown takes it to the MAX!

The W/C (which is their toilet)…. I wish it didn’t exist…. But my little opinion has no bearing when we are talking about the LARGEST continent on the Planet. Dammit!!! Thank god we are allies…. Sending Harmonious Vibes: Please adapt the toilet, China. It is good and sanitary.

China- my heart is with you or else I wouldn’t spend so much damn time!! Just get some of your certain situations in line, please….. at least for your customers- Me. Pot calling the Kettle black- it is time that we grow together.

OKAY……Enough already…….there are so many fantastic stories I could share from China. I grow every day. You (China) motivating me to grow, and discuss topics that are on my mind. This BLOG is definitely helping me to develop not only as an Artist, but as a Woman. New experiences, challenges… a tidbit that I can share here and there that could improve your/ my life somehow……. My sentiment for the next couple days… Appreciate what you’ve got. Things could be worse, or you couldn’t have IT at all.

Just have something to believe in… Like Yourself! The best investment you will ever make…. Yourself.

Peace, Love and Fashion For EVER!!!!!


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amytangerine said...

yay- glad you had a positive experience there. I enjoyed my time in china last november, but have many other places on my list before going back there!

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