Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hong Kong / It’s been a while - oooohhhh how I have missed you!!!

It was a struggle, but I’m here. It’s always hard getting out the door with all the last minute shinanigans… but I have arrived!!! It’s been a while since I last spent some quality time here. I really love this city- not as much as I love Shanghai but it’s awesome.

A lot of cites in China try to emulate the “heyday” of Hong Kong… the bold lights, and practically every square inch of the city is built on top of itself. I feel like Hong Kong has hit its peak, and now needs a mini- facelift… a quicky to catch up to the level where some other parts of China have gone to. Much of the spirit that was Hong Kong has left for the Mainland in hopes of re-creating the magic. Prices were low, business was fantastic, and everything awesome was coming out of Hong Kong. When I first started manufacturing overseas 7 years ago- it was all about Hong Kong. Now to even stay competitive in price and quality, everything is manufactured in Mainland China…at least in my industry this is what I have experienced.

Here I am back in a place where I have spent so much time alone, learning the ropes of garment manufacturing. I was 23 the first time I visited, “fresh off the boat” never alone in a foreign country….. by myself. Smack dab during the SARS epidemic , it’s was frightening and exhilarating all at the same time. The feeling of uncertainty and solitude from the cultural and language barrier was insane, and one that I will never forget.

The shopping was incredible!!! SARS had scared off everyone from coming here, so retail took a major blow. No joke, everything in Hong Kong was like 90% off! I went mad with the credit cards. And in Hong Kong- they take Their designer very seriously…. There is a Gucci and LV every square mile. I scored some serious wardrobe staples then. The Peninsula Hotel was the place to be…. I discovered deep tissues foot baths at that time……

I am sitting on this park bench reminiscing of so many super awesome Hong Kong moments. I have a perma-smile. The skyline in front of me is breathtaking- 180 degrees of water and amazing architecture together harmoniously. It is so peaceful, and relaxing… a perfect way to spend the weekend. I could sit here taking it all in for hours, but the multitude of Tourists asking me to take their photo is sooo distracting!!!!

On to my next adventure!!!!!

My awesome afternoon at the park bench

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I am super jazzed to be out traveling, collecting inspiration and working on my new collections. This trip I will be gone for just under a month. I haven’t blogged all Spring- I’ve been loaded down with time and mentally consuming work, thankfully. Of any time to take a break this was ideal. The world is in economic upheaval, consumer moral is lower than low, and many are scratching their heads wondering what is next. I am hopeful to pick up where I left off with the Blog… We are in a New Year; with a new President and new vision. I feel very inspired to not only stay close to what works for me, but to also step out of the box this year. Both personally and professionally I seek to discover new outlets for my inspiration and ideas. I am unbelievably excited to grow, mature and learn this year.

So this takes me to the beginning…. What has always worked for me. Simple glamour. At the beginning and end of the day women including myself just want to look and feel glamourous and beautiful. They want to be radiant from the inside out. This photo is recent, shot by an amazing stylist friend, but the dress style has become a signature style in my collection. It continues to look timeless, glamourous, effortless, and sexy at the same time. This is the asthetic that I continue to achieve collection after collection, season after season.

With that said, in seeking “Glamour” season after season, my job and design process is FAR from glamourous!!!! People ask me all the time how I am inspired, what it is like when I am travelling in third world countries, and how I am able to design nine collections year after year. It is quite a challenge but one that I enjoy beyond belief, and am supported by a phenomenal Staff and design team - without them, my world would not exist. So over the next few weeks along my travels I plan on taking you with me to my far off destinations in Asia as I search for the next “most amazing,” and try to maintain a little of my own glamour, as difficult as it will be at times along the way. I will be posting blogs with photos, videos and blurps of my adventures that I hope you enjoy……. Peace, Love and Glamourous FASHION!!!!!!!! Meghan Fabulous