Monday, August 25, 2008

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Happy Monday SuperStars!!!
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Monday, August 18, 2008

Me on SnobStyle TV!!!!!!

Erika Stanley, the Host of Snob Style TV and I have known each other for years and I am sooooooooo happy for her and her new venture!!! Also soooo exciting that she chose me as one of the designers to feature on her show.... I am sooo honored!! It was really fun to film and meet her great crew- the guys are great! It's really true what they say about good things happening to good people- kharma and what you put out is what you recieve. Erika has a heart of GOLD and only amazing things are to come her way!!! Congrats to her and all her fabulous success!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Ashley FABULOUS Tisdale!!!!!

Ashley Tisdale is the COOLEST EVER!!!!!! Look how cute she looks in my Gina dress this week at an event! I had the pleasure of meeting her at a re-release for Airplane the Movie a few years ago- and she and her sister, and her Mom were so delightful!!!!! It's sooooo awesome when teen stars don't get big heads! She is the best!!! She has been a big star for a while now and it is refreshing to actually see a good role model for kids and teens to look up to..... I hope that this is a trend that continues amoungst young actors and actresses. Although I can only imagine and understand how it feels with the pressure of living under a microscope, and what would push someone to take their lives to the extreme. Wow!!! I think that keeping a healthy balance like Ashley or any other star, or at least the appearance of one is quite the tall task and my hat goes off to them!!!

Monday, August 11, 2008


I have been going to China for the past 8 years... my passport says that I have been there over 30 times, it's an amazing place and I am BLOWN away by its diversity everytime I am there! I have watched the country develop so rapidly over the last decade...... it has been so fast! I was soooo proud for China on Friday night while watching the Olympic Opening Ceremony. it was breathtaking!

In one of the factory towns that I would stay in for monthes, every morning an Olympic Training Team would be up early in the morning practicing parading thru the streets with flags and chanting- I really was just sooooo blown out of the water that they were preparing so in advance- 2 years before the Olympics were to even happen!!!! They would stare at me and wave and giggle; they had never seen a white person in their lives before!!! Some even would take pictures of me!! It really was an experience.

The fact that the Olympics were held in China this year was sooo huge for the Chinese people and I am so proud for them! In China, the population is so divided with the old and the new. I really believe that China is the future of the world and we have yet to see their impact on our society. Not only China but an handful of other cultures are now becoming financially and socially stronger, we should prepare to make room at the top for our new friends.